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Our properties showcase our love of great design and quality construction and our creative approach to realising the potential of developing land and buildings.

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With everything to the highest specification and design finish.”

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The Gardner Family

Solving a complex planning puzzle to honour a family man’s last wishes and generate a high return.

With perseverance and a healthy dose of creativity, we turned derelict scrubland into a valuable asset generating a regular monthly income for our client and creating an exciting project for us.

The Edwards Family

Good things come to those that wait. A life-changing family project that promises financial security for the next generation.

Our sensitive yet pragmatic approach is helping a family finally realise the value of the land they’ve had since the 60s without any risk or upfront costs.


Co-haven, Landhaven’s sister company, develops a next-generation of stylish shared homes emphasising community, well-being and happiness for renters in the Bristol area.