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PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Investment Opportunities

We don’t just develop beautiful homes. We help you unlock the potential of land or property; whether you want to sell land or a building for development in the Bristol area, or seek a more rewarding way to invest your money.

Landhaven is a Bristol-based property development company creating premium homes, built well for a lifetime and beyond.

With demand for new and rental homes in Bristol amongst the highest in the UK, there’s great potential for you to generate higher financial returns than conventional savings and investments.

All our property development investment opportunities are secured against real, tangible, brick-and-mortar assets. You can visit the properties in person and see how we put your investment to work.


As an investor with Landhaven, you’ll also know that your money is helping to transform local communities; and doing right by our homeowners, our tenants, and the environment.

We develop new homes in two ways:

1. New-build homes – to sell.
2. Buildings converted to homes – for rent.

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Investing with us starts from £25,000, with no upper limit. Whether it’s your first investment or you’re a seasoned professional, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about property development investment. Download our prospectus to find out more about our current projects, our property development strategy, fixed term and joint venture investment offers and our ‘5 RETURNS’ commitment to our investors.
our ' 5 returns'

Investing with us isn’t just about earning interest. We want to make a much bigger impact than that


Return OF investment


Return on intellect


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Return ON investment

Photo of two of Landhaven's investors

“Congratulations on doing such a good job on 64 Station Road, and for offering settlement on time, which we appreciate. We would like the interest paid out please, but would like to continue to invest in your next project.”

Geoff W, Bristol
Current investor

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If you have a query about our property development investment opportunities, or you would just like an informal chat to find out more, please contact us. Click the button below to send us a meeting request. Alternatively email [email protected] or call 0117 926 9997

Proven delivery

We have decades of experience in development, with a team of experts

Industry expertise

We have decades of experience in development, with a team of experts

No losses

Landhaven has had no investor losses to date, and no investors have left us

UK security

All of our projects are secured against tangible UK land & property

Diligent approach

We assess projects with bank-grade due diligence. 'Measure twice, cut once'

Ethical approach

We seek projects beneficial for all involved, including local communities & environment

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