Find out why 2024 is a good time to make a property investment in Bristol with Landhaven—an expanding economy, high rental demand and a great place to live.
Want to invest in the UK property market? Property development, buy-to-let, investing with a developer or crowdfunding. Which one is right for you?
Landhaven’s MD, Andrew Minto, shares what he’s learnt about property development in Bristol in the last 10 years.
What are the benefits of developing brownfield sites and how can you ensure success? Expert advice from Landhaven.
Selling garden land for developement has the potential to unlock huge value in your property. But first, it's important to carefully weigh up the pros and cons.
At a time when we’re all tightening our belts and considering ways to protect our financial future, you may be wondering if selling your garden land for development is the answer.
Converting redundant commercial buildings to residential homes can be more sustainable, add value and help revive the high street. Find out more.
The future of shared housing is co-living. From community to affordability to sustainability, find out what next generation co-living has to offer.

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