Case Study

Using our planning knowledge to rescue the situation

How we turned a derelict and complex site into an appealing development opportunity


Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol.

We reinstated lapsed planning permission on a neglected site and overcame the challenges of potential Roman remains to create a development opportunity for eight new homes.

The Challenges
  • Previous owners had demolished the existing Listed building, voiding the planning consent with this unauthorized activity
  • Several issues existed on-site, including sorting the rubble of collapsed buildings for re-use, dealing with contaminated ground, and possibly having buried remains of archaeological significance.
Our Approach

Originally a small school and then a social club, the building had become too dangerous for inspectors to enter. To avoid any accidents, the previous owners demolished the property. This voided the planning consent by not fulfilling the conditions related to the Listed stonework.

With our knowledge and planning experience, we conducted lengthy consultations with the local Planners, including several resubmissions, before successfully getting permission reinstated.

We oversaw a costly archaeological investigation with a desk study pointing to the possibility of Roman or earlier remains on site. Although we found interesting remains of Roman foundations, nothing of greater significance emerged. And with planning consent in place, we could complete the detailed design work to obtain Building Regulations Approval for the whole scheme.

The Outcome
We reviewed the project and decided to sell it to focus on other projects. The new homes were built later by another developer.