Invest in Property Development With Our ‘5 Returns’ Approach

At Landhaven, investing in property development with us isn’t just about earning interest. We want to make a much bigger impact than that. And this is why we have developed our 5 Returns approach. To find out more about us, or investing in our current property development projects, please contact us to arrange a chat with Andrew Minto, Landhaven’s Managing Director.
Andrew Minto, Landhaven's MD sharing his learnings from 10 years of property development in Bristol

Landhaven’s ‘5 Returns’ approach to investing in property development

1. Return OF Investment This is the priority. Investor monies must be returned, on time. We ensure funds are diligently managed and are de-risked with multiple exit options. We pride ourselves on bank-grade due diligence, and only proceed with 2% of the projects that we see.

2. Return on Intellect Learn how development works and how to create high-quality new homes. Learn about new approaches to housing (like next-generation shared homes), new construction methods and how existing properties get a new lease of life. Our regular updates, newsletters and site visits give insight into how it all happens.

3. Return on Interaction There’s great reward in doing good things together with other people. Join with us, the wider team and like-minded investors as we work together on meaningful projects.

4. Return on Impact We want to build better homes for people and the environment. How homes are built, where they’re built, with what materials, at what ongoing cost, and with what impact on community and environment – are all key elements in improving outcomes for society, future generations, and the planet.

5. Return ON Investment Financial growth is a core priority. Our projects are carefully selected to ensure they make strong returns of income and capital growth – whilst supporting our other values. Our projects must have alternative routes by which to make good returns for our investors.

Landhaven's 5 returns infographic

Investing with Landhaven starts from £25,000 with no upper limit. Our focus is on a collaborative partnership – whether it’s your first investment or you’re a seasoned professional, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know.

How do we make ‘5 Returns’ on property development happen?

Over the last 20 years we have developed our skills, resources and processes to refine our values and approach to property development. We are then able to offer these 5 Returns to our Investors. Whether it’s how we assess potential sites, how we prioritise design, or how we fund our projects, we keep referring back to our 5 Returns as guiding principles.

Investing in marketing-leading tools and software

We have invested in market-leading software such as Aprao and Nimbus Maps to ensure we find the right sites and carry out the right analysis, for optimal returns on investment.

These software tools reduce risk, time and energy when it comes to selecting the right plot to purchase for a development project.

Investing in a team of experts with specific experience in property development

We have invested in bringing together a team of experts who work for Landhaven, each person brings valuable experience in the various areas of the property development process.

Andrew Minto, Landhaven’s managing director and founder, brings expertise in planning and architecture having previously run an award-winning architecture practice and worked as a Building Inspector at North Somerset Council.

Andrew’s co-founders are Dr Mark Corcoran and James Caldwell. James brings financial expertise, having formed and managed several financial services businesses. In 2017 he cofounded Clifton Private Finance, providing specialist finance solutions to UK & international clients for residential and commercial property transactions – with a particular focus on bridging finance.

Our property development team also includes;

GS Verde Accountants – accountants with development expertise
The HMO Platform – award-winning development consultants
Angus Meek Architects – experienced architects
Town Planning Expert – specialist planning consultants

About Landhaven

Award-winning property development for future generations.

Our mission is to create design-led homes built well for a lifetime and beyond. And in doing so, fostering collaborative opportunities that work well for all involved.

We are here to help you unlock the potential of land or property, whether you want to sell land or a building for development in the Bristol area, or seek a more rewarding way to invest your money.

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