The Edwards Family – Selling to Landhaven via an Option Agreement

A life-changing family project to financially secure the next generation.

Working with people who have land or property to sell is much more than a commercial arrangement for us, it’s about staying true to our principles of outstanding quality, reliability, honesty and empathy for our clients, all combined with a large dash of joy.

This means really taking the time to listen to our sellers wishes when it comes to how their plot will be developed and used in the future and working with them to find a positive solution for all.

Explaining an Option Agreement to a client

So, when the Edwards family made contact with us about a potential development site in Portishead we worked with them to not only deliver financial security but to honour their parent’s wishes and the history of the land they’d cared for since the 1960s.

Here’s their story told in their own words…

“When I first made contact with Andrew from Landhaven it was in response to an advert placed in local paper expressing an interest in land for potential development. I contacted Andrew and gave him a brief overview of the site to establish if there was an interest as it was possibly too small. We agreed to meet to visit the site and discuss the possibilities.

I was a little apprehensive about the meeting as I was unsure how it would go. I did expect it to be all about what the developer wanted but I felt at ease when walking the site with Andrew and I was pleasantly surprised that he was showing interest in my vision for any potential development.

He suggested a 2-home development of quality houses that was complimentary to the site’s location and surroundings. Previous exploratory discussions with other developers centered around 4 houses so the idea of 2 luxury homes was appealing and seemed right for the site.

Andrew also suggested using the old family name for the development which would acknowledge family history of the location.

After several meetings and discussions, the outline of the development became clearer. Prior to meeting with Andrew, I had received some advice about selling the site but most would require me to get planning permission first. This deterred me as I did not have any idea or expertise on how to do this, nor did I have the time or the financial resources needed.

I explained that the site has quite a long family history attached to it and that it would be good to somehow acknowledge this. The site also has local significance as it borders on a very old part of Portishead and is close to the Conservation Area. Considering these two key points the discussion developed and Andrew put some ideas to me.


“Under the option agreement Landhaven will do all the work required for a high-quality Planning application and cover all the costs involved, including legal fees.”

I expressed these concerns to Andrew and his solution was to offer an option agreement. In short, this means that Landhaven would take responsibility for obtaining planning permission and cover the legal expenses. Also, Landhaven has access to expertise that would greatly help in the development of the plan. Should planning permission be granted then Landhaven would purchase the site for an agreed value. Clearly, the option agreement was the right solution for me and the proposed style of development is right for the location and my family.

During various stages, Andrew has involved me where appropriate and has kept me updated. I am impressed with Landhaven and I am confident they are the right team to work on the development of the site so that will enhance the location and acknowledge the family connections to this old part of Portishead.”

At Landhaven, our projects are based on strong design principles, quality craftsmanship, and unwavering respect for the environment and the local community. If you’re looking for collaborative property development opportunities that maximise potential and work well for all involved, get in touch.

And in our words…

Our sensitive yet pragmatic approach is helping the Edwards family finally realise the value of the land they’ve had since the 60s without any risk or upfront costs.

For decades, one local Portishead family have been lovingly caring for a plot of land, hoping one day they would be able to do something with it. That time has now come.

We’re working with the family to unlock the land’s value using an Option Agreement. This means no upfront costs and zero risk for our client. We will do all the work required for a high-quality Planning application and cover all the costs involved, including legal fees. In return, our clients give us the time and exclusivity to run the project. Once planning is approved, we’ll purchase the land at the agreed price.

As well as getting our clients the best financial deal possible, we knew we had to approach this project sensitively to honour the wishes of our client’s parents and respect the history of the land they’d cared for since the 1960s.

It was important that the development looked a certain way, was not over-developed and bore reference to the family’s legacy on the land. So we agreed on a style – and the materials we would use – upfront before planning.

We also decided to build just two houses, although the plot would have comfortably fitted three. And we will name the development (either the access drive or each property) after the family’s grandfather, who originally owned the land.


With the agreement signed and the surveys complete, the architects then produced a series of designs to solve the challenges of very steep topography, restricted access, privacy to neighbours and sufficient size of the new buildings. These have now been submitted to the council for ‘Pre-Application Advice’. Read more about how the Project is developing…
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