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Court Farm Mews

Court Farm Mews development view from the front, how the old shop will be transformed

A high-value brownfield development with hidden potential

We're helping a local family unlock the value of an under-used, deteriorating site whilst bringing Court Farm Mews to Westbury Village; a development of five premium homes and a commercial space.


Court Farm Mews - 47 High Street, Westbury on Trym, Bristol.

Respect for our client’s wishes to create a legacy on the land they’d owned for years enabled us to create a flexible development option which put them in control, gave them fantastic value, and bypassed the need for them to deal with agents, architects and the Planning process.

The Challenges
  • Access, turning and exit restrictions
  • Car parking provision
  • Privacy to and from surrounding buildings
  • Space Standards requirements inside each dwelling
  • Asbestos removal
  • Demolition (with reduced access)
Our Approach
Delivering a high-quality planning application and covering all costs

Craig Short Building Contractors had rented space at this site for years and knew the owners well. Craig had mentioned the potential to them. When the owners were finally ready to proceed, they approached Craig for advice. He in turn asked Andrew Minto (of Landhaven) to help – and a three-way partnership was born. It was important to the family selling that they knew us, knew our previous work, knew our ethos and, most importantly, that we got along so well.

They had started looking at options for developing the site and had approached agents about selling it. However, without Planning Permission, they would never reach the potential of what the land is worth.  They did not relish the prospect and cost of a full design package and Planning process. Once we started speaking with the owners about our approach, we confirmed that would we cover all of the work and cost involved, and guarantee a purchase price. All we needed was the time and exclusivity to prepare the best possible Planning application.

If Planning is successful (including an appeal), then our purchase of the site completes. It quickly became clear it wasn’t just about selling at the right price, it was about working with the right people who could offer the right expertise, cover costs, and who would honour the legacy of their father who had spent his working life on the site.

After much feasibility work, we were able to determine how many properties we could fit on the land whilst addressing the planning concerns that we knew would arise. This allowed us to estimate the finished value of the site (also known as Gross Development Value or GDV) and therefore what the best price is that we can pay for the land.

We agreed and signed an Option Agreement. This allows Landhaven to do all of the work required for an extremely high-quality Planning application and cover all the costs. In return, the sellers have given us the time and exclusivity to do that work.

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Brining in an expert team

As this is a large, complex and high-value brownfield development, we brought in the assistance of a respected firm of architects to develop the designs. A number of experts collaborated to evolve the scheme; including the architects, planning consultants, transport consultants, energy consultants, ecologists, the builder and the developer to refine precisely what the final proposals would look like for the Full Planning Application.

Communicating with the local community about the development

Andrew Minto, Landhaven’s founder and Craig Short, the builder contractor, have been reaching out to local residents and businesses to help them learn more about the new development, the benefits it will bring to Westbury village and to address any concerns they may have.

With a love of buildings and a passion for designing and building better homes, I founded Landhaven in 2015. Living and working locally myself, I’m looking forward to investing in the village by bringing beautiful new homes and a workspace to the local community.

Andrew Minto, Landhaven Founder & Director

Following the success of our previous new homes in Westbury on Trym (cottages on Westfield Road), I look forward to working with Andrew again. I’m excited to bring my 15 years of building experience and expertise to another local project in the village.

Craig Short Building Contractors

You can see the leaflet about the project that has been delivered to local homes and businesses below or download a copy here.

The Outcome

The Full Planning application has been submitted and can be viewed on the Bristol City Council website here:

We are currently waiting for Bristol City Council to assign a Case Officer and for that person to review our application – which we hope will be in a positive light!

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